Regulate vengeance for the precautionary principle:

The long-term smokers stop smoking in a few weeks. Given this situation, Europe has tried it a few weeks ago to regulate its sale in reserving pharmacists who rubbed their hands in advance. But eventually, the electronic cigarette could not reasonably be considered a drug.

Then it was the turn of tobacconists wish to sell exclusively on this market, under the pretext that a derivative of nicotine occurs naturally entered their business field. Faced with this argument, a trial will decide Dec. 9, 2013.

Finally, all the scientists are looking at this time on the toxicity of liquid used, including the famous propylene glycol, only product able to create a low temperature evaporation and correctly simulate smoke, food moreover, already used in inhalers asthma for many years. No conclusive results have yet been found on this issue.

The cigarette is it so harmful?

At present, only the presence of nicotine is actually a problem and justifies the toxic logo on packaging (not present on the vials without nicotine). The risk of addiction electronic cigarette is rather the main actors speak a withdrawal method because the device can manipulate the dosage of nicotine to its eventual stop.

Propylene seems to be unanimously against any among the medical community as being much less toxic than tobacco, although we do not yet know precisely its long-term effects.


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